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Drop Bass Network: Drop Acid


The Drop Bass Network skull turns on, tunes in, and drops the Acieed! with this new design by Stunt Rock.

Shirt colors:
Woodstock Brown with black and yellow print
Manchester Yellow with black print
Milwaukee Black with yellow print

Front: The iconic acid house smiley gets dropped into the skull, as it should be. The DBN "turn on" slogan is in the "bass line" font from the Roland TB-303... the kind of detail fans of the little silver box will appreciate.

Back: Elvis's "Taking Care of Business" logo is tweaked in honor of the all-mighty TB acid machine. KISS says lightning bolts are cool, and we agree.

Order all you want and shipping maxes out at $5.00
(US only)

If you encounter issues in ordering please email orders@massivemag.com and we'll sort that isht out.